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25th anniversary box set

Jethro Tull

Coffret - 1993
Label : Chrysalis - CDCHR 6004
55 titres - 04:46:25





1 My Sunday Feeling03:42
2 A Song For Jeffrey03:23
3 Living In The Past03:23
4 Teacher (US Version)04:06
5 Sweet Dream04:06
6 Cross-Eyed Mary04:11
7 Witch's Promise03:52
8 Life Is A Long Song03:22
9 Bungle In The Jungle03:39
10 Minstrel In The Gallery08:13
11 Cold Wind To Valhalla04:21
12 Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll : Too Young To Die05:42
13 Songs From The Wood04:55
14 Heavy Horses08:59
15 Black Sunday06:38
16 Broadsword05:03
17 Nothing Is Easy (Live)06:06
18 My God (Live)11:11
19 With You There To Help Me (Live)06:46
20 A Song For Jeffrey (Live)05:46
21 To Cry You A Song (Live)07:59
22 Sossity : You're A Woman (Live)02:16
23 Reasons For Waiting (Live)03:55
24 We Used To Know (Live)03:18
25 Guitar Solo (Live)08:24
26 For A Thousand Mothers (Live)04:48
27 So Much Trouble02:30
28 My Sunday Feeling (Version Alternative)03:56
29 Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You (Version Alternative)02:02
30 Living In The Past (Version Alternative)03:26
31 Bourée (Version Alternative)03:32
32 With You There To Help Me (Version Alternative)06:13
33 Thick As A Brick (Version Alternative)09:01
34 Cheerio (Version Alternative)03:58
35 A New Day Yesterday (Version Alternative)08:01
36 Protect And Survive (Version Alternative)03:06
37 Jack-A-Lynn (Version Alternative)04:57
38 The Whistler (Version Alternative)02:52
39 My God (Version Alternative)10:02
40 Aqualung (Version Alternative)07:31
41 To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be (Live)03:57
42 Back To The Family (Live)03:36
43 A Passion Play (Live)03:20
44 Wind-Up - Locomotive Breath - Land Of Hope And Glory (Live)11:48
45 Seal Driver (Live)05:38
46 Nobody's Car (Live)05:02
47 Pussy Willow (Live)04:59
48 Budapest (Live)10:52
49 Nothing Is Easy (Live)05:18
50 Kissing Willie (Live)03:40
51 Still Loving You Tonight (Live)05:03
52 Beggar's Farm (Live)05:21
53 Passion Jig (Live)02:01
54 A Song For Jeffrey (Live)03:26
55 Living In The Past (Live)03:42
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